Peru El Niño Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 12

Situation Report
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Ref: OCHAGVA - 98/0210

1. Although the El Nino phenomenon may be fading, landslides and floods still occur in Peru, in particular in the northern parts of the country.

Department of San Martin

2. In the Provinces of Rioja and Moyobamba, several houses and farmland were flooded when the Mayo River broke its banks.

Department of Loreto

3. In the Province of Ramón Castilla-Loreto, torrential rains caused flooding. In the Districts of San Pablo, Ramón Castilla, Pevas and Yavarí, most of the inhabitants lost their houses and crops (corn, yucca, banana). In addition, school buildings were damaged.

Department of Huanuco

4. Recently, landslides and floods hit the Province Dos de Mayo. In the District of Marias, approximately 200 inhabitants have been affected, five bridges have been damaged and many houses have been destroyed. Furthermore, 50 hectares of farmland were destroyed and more than 80 pieces of livestock were lost.

Departments of Ancash, Piura and Cajamarca

5. In the Departments of Ancash, Piura and Cajamarca, heavy rains continue to cause landslides. In the District of Shilla, Department of Ancash, various houses and farmland were damaged when mudslides hit the area. In the District of Sallique-Shimaná, Department of Cajamarca, and the village of Ayabaca, Department of Piura, landslides destroyed several houses and hectares of farmland.

Department of Amazonas

6. Landslides have also occurred recently in the district of San Carlos, where a considerable number of houses and the sewage system were damaged. In addition, the provision of potable water (through water pipelines) was interrupted by mudslides.

Health situation

7. Concerning cases of malaria and cholera in the country, the situation is as follows (paragraphs 7 and 8 of OCHA Situation Report No.11, of 1 May 1998 are therefore ammended accordingly):

- Concerning cholera, approximately 18,900 cases have been registered until the beginning of April 1998. In February, more than 5,000 cases were reported which is more than twice the number of cases registered during the whole year of 1997. The Departments of Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque and Lima have suffered most from this epidemic.

- Regarding malaria, some 12,000 have been registered during the first three months of 1998, which is not alarming compared with 1997. The Departments of Tumbes and Piura, severely affected by El Nino, have experienced up to ten times more incidences of malaria in 1997 compared with 1998.

National response

8. The Peruvian Government continues to provide direct assistance to the victims through the distribution of tents, clothing, blankets, food, medicines and tools. In addition, heavy equipment has been released for rehabilitation of roads and bridges.

9. Regarding the prevention and mitigation of illnesses, the Ministry of Health has established groups of health workers for rapid response to the affected areas.

International response

10. Contributions reported since OCHA Situation Report No. 11, of 1 May 1998

Governments USD
Austria Emergency cash contribution for health and medical assistance 38,526
Norway Water purification equipment. (including air transport) 133.600
Sweden Cash grant of SEK 874,000 for food and medicines 110,600
United Kingdom Cash contribution of =A3 19,817, for food, medicines, cooking materials, reconstruction of houses and agriculture reestablishment, through World Vision-UK 33,000

11. Donors wishing to channel their contributions through OCHA should transfer funds to OCHA account no. CO.590.160.1 at the Swiss Bank Corporation, Case Postale 2770, CH-1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland, with reference: PERU - FLOODS.

12. For coordination purposes, donors are requested to inform OCHA Geneva, as indicated below, of relief missions, pledges or contributions and their corresponding values by item.

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