Peru: Earthquake Appeal No. MDRPE003 Operations Update No. 11


GLIDE n=B0 EQ-2007-000133-PER

Period covered by this Ops Update: 1 October to 30 November 2009

Appeal target (Revised): CHF 10,969,321 (USD 10,607,200 or EUR 7,372,350)

Appeal coverage: 99%;

Appeal history:

- The Emergency Appeal for the Peru Earthquake operation was launched on 17 August 2007. It sought CHF 1,626,000 (USD 1,341,869 or EUR 979,150) to assist 4,000 families (20,000 people) for a five-month period.

- Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF): CHF 250,000 (USD 207,641 or EUR 151,515) was initially allocated from the Federation's DREF to support the National Society response.

- The Revised Appeal was launched on 20 August 2007 featuring a Revised Appeal Budget for CHF 5,605,000 (USD 4,655,315 or EUR 3,396,970) for 9 months to assist 7,500 families (37,500 people).

- A second revision of the Appeal Budget was made on 3 December 2007 for CHF 10,895,000 (USD 9,917,000 or EUR 6,785,000) for 18 months (February 2009) to assist 7,500 families (37,500 people).

- The Operations Update n=B0 7 featured an extension of the timeframe until 31 December 2009.

- The Operations Update n=B0 8 was issued with a third revision of the Appeal Budget for CHF 11,017,248 (USD 9,790,411 or EUR 7,201,756). - The Operations Update n=B0 10 issued a fourth revision of the Appeal Budget to CHF 10,893,493 (USD 10,754,013 or EUR 7,208,744).

- This current Operations Update features a small revision of the budget to CHF 10,969,321 (USD 10,607,200 or EUR 7,372,350) to reflect additional funds received, and an extension of the Appeal's timeframe to February 2010.

Summary: The International Federation's Peru Earthquake Operation is currently completing its comprehensive participatory reconstruction programme that responds to the needs of people affected by the 7.9 (Mw) earthquake of August 2007. By the end of the year, the housing needs of 761 vulnerable families in the targeted peri-urban and rural areas will be addressed by the combined work of the International Federation, the Partner National Societies (PNS), the Peruvian Red Cross (PRC) and the target communities. The International Federation is one of the leading institutions building permanent housing and the successful transference of technologies that will enable communities to attend non-prioritized families. These technologies are eco-friendly, low-cost, seismic-resistant and respect the local culture.

During the precedent months, Price-Waterhouse-Coopers carried out an audit of the Peru Earthquake Operation upon request of the International Federation to ensure accountability and transparency to its stakeholders. The outcomes of this external audit will soon be available. In addition to this, a Participatory Programme Review (PPR) was also carried out with assistance of the Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (PMER) department of the International Federation. The exit strategy has been designed taking into account the PPR outputs and it includes the extension of the operation timeframe to February 2010 in order to properly transfer the programme to the PRC and the communities.

In the months to follow, the International Federation team alongside PNS will further work with PRC volunteers while continuing community development activities. The joint actions will strengthen PRC capacities in: (a) disaster response and preparedness, and (b) community health.

The following National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have supported the Appeal: the American Red Cross, the Andorran Red Cross, the Australian Red Cross, the Austrian Red Cross, the Belgian Red Cross (French-speaking community), the Belgian Red Cross (Flemish-language community), the Brazilian Red Cross, the British Red Cross, the Canadian Red Cross, the Colombian Red Cross Society, the Chilean Red Cross, the Croatian Red Cross, the Cyprus Red Cross, the Ecuadorian Red Cross, the Finnish Red Cross, the German Red Cross, the Red Cross Society of China, Hong Kong branch, the Irish Red Cross, the Italian Red Cross, the Japanese Red Cross Society, the Luxembourg Red Cross, the Monaco Red Cross, the Netherlands Red Cross, the New Zealand Red Cross, the Norwegian Red Cross, the Singapore Red Cross Society, the Spanish Red Cross, the Swedish Red Cross, the Swiss Red Cross, the Taiwan Red Cross Organization, the Turkish Red Crescent and the Uruguayan Red Cross.

In addition, the Operation received the support from the governments of Belgium, Canada, the People's Republic of China, the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and the United States, as well as the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO). The activities carried out by the operation were possible thanks to many individuals and private organizations such as: the ALAS Foundation, KLM, the Aztec Foundation (Fundación Azteca), the JT International Foundation, the Monsanto Fund, the OPEC Fund for International Development, the SAFRA Edmond J. Philanthropic Foundation, the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation, the Association of Civil Servants of the Peruvian Diplomatic Service (Asociación de Funcionarios del Servicio Diplomático del Perú), BNP Paribas Miami, Exxon Mobil, Galaxy Latin America, Germanischer Lloyd Perú, Goodyear, Hermandad de San Martin de Porres, Kraft Foods, L.L. Bean, Minera San Juan, Pesco Marine SAC Talara, Petrolife Petroleum Company, Petrovietnam Exploration Production Corporation, Rutas Servicios de Viaje, Samsung and Ximesa. The International Federation conveys its gratitude to all of them.