Oxfam International faces emergencies caused by flooding in the southern regions of Peru

Lima, Perú - According to the National Institute of Civil Defense's (INDECI) latest reports, 11 provinces have now been affected by the flooding of more than 16 rivers in the Andean region of Puno, that have caused 6 people's deaths, over 33,900 people injured, 2,400 houses damaged or destroyed, 23,165 hectors of cultivated land destroyed or severely damaged and the loss of more than 7,000 livestock.
According to meteorological reports, the rain will continue to affect this region and other areas of Peru in the upcoming days.

The regional Oxfam International team has agreed to send an evaluation team to Juliaca, Puno, to asses on site damages. The team will include Ana María Rebaza and Steve Abbot from Oxfam Great Britain, and Sergio Alvarez of Oxfam America. On Saturday, February 1, they will initiate their travels through the Andean region to evaluate the damages. They will return the following Wednesday, February 5.

The data that they gather during their travel in the region will allow them to determine Oxfam International's participation in humanitarian assistance and support of people affected by the floods.

Meanwhile, the offices based in Peru will continue to inform networks worldwide on the advance of this emergency situation, the conclusions of the evaluation team and the decisions that they derive.