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Needs Assessment Report - Venezuelans in Peru (October 28, 2021)



The crisis in Venezuela has led 5.7 million people to leave the country since 2016, over 1 million of whom are living in Peru1 . While many enter by air, many travel on foot (known as “caminantes” or “walkers”), passing through Colombia and Ecuador on their way to, or through Peru. Both those settling in and walking through Peru are believed to have unmet humanitarian needs. This is particularly true during this time of pandemic. The official Peruvian borders have been closed, limiting mobility, and making it more dangerous. The economy has slowed, limiting both formal and informal work opportunities and Venezuelans struggle to afford food and shelter and to stay healthy, living in overcrowded, often substandard housing, or on the street.

The IRC Venezuelan Crisis Response currently provides economic, psychosocial, health, and education support to Venezuelans throughout Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador. The team is interested in expanding their work to assist vulnerable Venezuelans in Peru. Specifically, three provinces in the north of the country (Tumbes, Piura, and La Libertad) where Venezuelans often enter Peru, and where many settle either before or after traveling to Lima, as well as all five regions of Lima metropolitan area (Lima South, Lima East, Lima Central, Lima North and Callao). These locations were chosen based on the expected number of Venezuelans residing in or regularly traveling through them. The following assessment was conducted to determine if IRC should respond in these locations, and if so, what types of interventions and modalities would be expected to be the most effective in supporting Venezuelans survive and re-establish their lives and futures.