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Nearly 1,000 Venezuelans who entered illegally deported from Peru so far this month

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13:26 | Lima, Sep. 26.

So far this month, almost 1,000 Venezuelan nationals who entered Peru in an irregular manner have been expelled, following immigration raids that increased dramatically in the north, mainly in the border area, Interior Minister Carlos Moran has reported.

"So far this month, we have intervened 890 Venezuelans who entered the country in an irregular manner, without passing through immigration checkpoints. They have been deported and are banned from entering Peru for 15 years,” Moran said as he led the fifth deportation process of Venezuelan citizens with criminal records.

The joint efforts of the National Police and the National Superintendence of Migrations resulted in the identification and intervention of these foreigners, who went through biometric controls in order to have the goods on them.

Immigration enforcement operations in the northern border area will continue 24 hours a day (on three shifts) in order to prevent the entry of those who had already been deported.

In addition, thanks to the hard work of police officers, Peru was able to identify 800 Venezuelans who had criminal records in their country of origin and provided false information to immigration authorities at the moment of entry.

The 2019 Safe Migration Plan, which involves the deportation of Venezuelans with criminal records, also targets foreigners who cause social disruption, disturb domestic public order or deem a threat to the country's security.

"Go away"

On the one hand, Moran noted that most Venezuelans are good people who have come to build a better future for themselves, and described them as "allies of Peru."

However, on the other hand, he reiterated that the immigration policy would be tightened further against those involved in criminal activity.

"I call on bad Venezuelans to get out of the country because they are going to be detained and expelled. We are going to toughen our immigration policy against them even further," he added.


Publicado: 26/9/2019