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Natural Disasters Monitoring - July 22, 2019

Severe Weather


On 22 July 2019, the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security (ONEMI) reported that intense snowfall in the region of Araucanía, Chile, has left thousands of persons without electricity, caused the closing of border crossings, and damaged homes. In addition, the report indicates there were a total of 4,718 isolated persons and 18 homes affected, of which 2 homes were destroyed, 3 with major damage, and 13 with minor damage. The reports are available in Spanish at: ONEMI and BIOBIOCHILE.

Volcanic activity

Peru (Update)

On 22 July 2019, the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP) reported ash fall from the Ubinas Volcano towards the south and southeast. In addition, the Peru National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) reported that 29,703 persons were affected and 637 homes and public places were damaged. The reports are available in Spanish at: IGP, COEN and El Comercio Noticias. In addition, a PAHO map of the affected areas is available at: Natural Hazards.

Unofficial Sources:

Heat Wave

United States of America

On 20-22 July 2019, media reported a heat wave across the country affecting up to 200 million people, from the Midwest to the East Coast, which is already responsible for at least six deaths in the United States of America, of which four are in the state of Maryland, one in Arizona, and one in Arkansas, with temperatures averaging from the mid-90s to lower triple digits (Fahrenheit). However, the heat index increases the overall temperature to 100-115 degrees, with the record-high temperatures set to last through the weekend. The reports are available in English at: People and NBCNews.

Severe Weather


On 21 July 2019, media reported strong storms that left behind thousands without electrical power in Argentina. According to the report, over the weekend there were more than 60,000 users left without electric service in the city of Buenos Aires, of which by the early hours of Monday, more than 15,000 users remained without electricity. In addition, media report that according to a Comprehensive Risk Management System (SINAGIR) update, at least 21,000 users were left without power in the city of Bariloche, as a result of heavy snowfall between Friday and Saturday. The reports are available in Spanish at: INFOBAE.