Monitoring Emergencies: Peru - 03/06/2017: Heavy rains continue to affect the country - Update

from Pan American Health Organization
Published on 06 Mar 2017 View Original

Heavy rains caused a landslide in La Libertad, Parcoy District, Pataz Province, and affected several homes and killed two people. There are 10 more homes at risk. In the Piruan province of Paita, streets flooded after 10 hours of continuous rainfall. The Civil Defense reported damaged road infrastructure and several populated centers that are isolated. The rains also affected crops and caused the collapse of the sewage system. In the high Andean zones, there is a risk of overflow due to an increase of river flow. The Civil Defense reported that the districts of Cañaris and Ferreñafe, Olmos, Pacora, Mochumí, Slaas, Motupe, Pátapo and Chongoyape are the most affected. (OS: SENAHMI) (M: PERU21)