Monitoring Emergencies: Peru - 02/24/2016

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Heavy rains cause landslide and damages to crops and infrastructure in Puno region: People are reported missing and dead after a landslide occurred in Puno region as of February 24, 2016. Incalculable damage has also been reported in 3 provinces (Sandia, San Antonio de Putina and Azángaro) where heavy rains caused floods, collapsed bridges, and damaged homes and crops. Rains are expected to continue until February 25, 2016, mainly in the northern provinces of Puno region. (M: EL COMERCIO)

Heavy rains around Ubinas Volcano causes lahars: INGEMMET-OVI reported that heavy rains caused lahars from the Ubinas volcano in the Moquegua region as of February 24, 2016. OVI has advised the residents surrounding the Ubinas volcano to remain alert to a possible increase in rainfall in the area, which could cause new lahars. People are advised to stay away from the volcano, in addition, enable shelters and evacuation routes. (OS: OVI-INGEMMET)

Landslide destroys bridge in Huancavelica region isolating residents: A landslide that destroyed a bridge in Maparumi sector in Tayacaja province, Huancavelica region left residents in six districts isolated as of February 24, 2016. Due to heavy rains during the week of February 22, 2016, officials fear more landslides may affect the region and that the river may overflow again. (M: EL COMERCIO

More than 900 homes flooded in Arequipa region: Heavy rains affecting Arequipa region has left more than 900 homes flooded and 7 destroyed as of February 24, 2016. According to the Arequipa Provincial Municipality Civil Defense report, the most affected districts are La Joya, Yura, and Alto Selva Alegre. In addition, roads were heavily affected. (M: RPP)