Monitoring Emergencies: Peru - 02/23/2017: Flooding in Rioja and Mariscal Caeres-San Martin

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On February 21, 2017, as a result of heavy rain in the area, the overflow from the irrigation channel flooded houses in the town of Trichanthera. On February 22, 2017, an over flow from Angashiyacu gorge flooded houses in the town of Angashiyacu. In both events, 91 people and 35 houses were affected. On February 22, 2017 there were floods in the District of Cotaruse- Apurimac, which resulted from heavy rain that increased the level of Iscahuaca lagoon affecting 15 families and 30 drainage services in the town of Iscahuaca. (OS: INDECI; INDECI)