Humanity Road – Peru Flooding, Regional Situation Report No. 1, 20 March 2017



Intense rains have caused severe flooding and landslides in 24 of Peru’s 25 regions. 12 regions have been declared in a state of emergency. It is the worst flooding in two decades, and more storms are expected. According to the National Emergency Operations Center, 99,475 Peruvians had lost everything since the beginning of the year, while 626,928 had suffered less serious damage to their homes.

Highways, bridges, and railways have been damaged hindering the flow of aid and leaving some towns stranded. Communications are also out in some areas. Water treatment facilities and sewage pipes have been damaged impacting the water supply. There is a shortage of drinking water in some areas. Eight hospitals have collapsed, and 16 others are uninhabitable. Some hospitals are in need of supplies and water, and there is the possibility of increased disease outbreaks due to mosquitoes.

This Regional Situation Report is based on reports from social media and includes highlights of the situation, situation reports and maps, social media accounts, and highlights from some of the regions most impacted..