GIEWS Country Brief: Peru 24-January-2012

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  • Favourable rice and maize prospects for 2012

  • Cereal imports increase

  • Cereal prices stable

Favourable prospects for 2012 rice and maize production

Sowing of the 2012 rice crop is currently underway, and planting intentions suggest a recovery in the area sown compared to 2011, which was hampered by inadequate rainfall. The hydrological situation has now improved substantially. The Chancay - Lambayeque watershed in the producing zone in the north of the country has trended positively since mid-December last year, with the improvement extending into January thus far. As a result, current water levels guarantee a normal crop growing season.

Sowing of the 2012 secondary season maize crop was completed in December. Prospects are good for hard yellow maize, which accounts for over 80 percent of Peru’s total maize production and is used for animal feed. Sowing intentions in this case suggest a total area of 326 000 ha, 16 percent more than in 2010, in response to growing demand from the fodder industry. Hard yellow maize is mainly produced under irrigation, and reservoir water levels are adequate for crop growth. The prospects are good also for amylaceous maize, which is used for human consumption, with a provisionally estimated increase in sown area of 5 percent, in response to higher prices. Maize production in 2012 is expected to be substantially up on the previous year's level, and a harvest of around 1.6 million tonnes is tentatively forecast.