Floods in Peru

News and Press Release
Originally published
Our field staff in Peru has reported a State of Emergency in the Piura program area.
Piura has recently been hit by heavy floods following 13 hours of continuous rain. The impact of the storms has caused severe damage to homes, schools, roads, property, harvest, and livestock. The four bridges that connect the cities of Piura and Castilla have been closed for two consecutive days creating long traffic lines to cross the two swinging bridges.

It is estimated that so far 16,000 people are affected by this emergency situation. Seventy percent of the schools have been closed for the last two days. Half of Plan's program areas are involved with more than 4,000 Plan families affected.

Emergency needs include first aid kits, health care, malaria treatment, latrines, plastic water containers, buckets, pumps, sacks, trucks, logistical support, medicines, boots, tin roofs, tents, mosquito nets, blankets, and food.

The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Initiative Emergency Committee comprised of Plan, CARE, and the Ministry of Health and Agriculture conducted an emergency meeting and formulated a Plan of Action. They have distributed relief responsibilities according to the geographical area where each organization presently operates.

As far as PLAN Piura is concerned, it has made a commitment to deliver the following assistance to families in the area:

  • Provide First Aid Kits
  • Provide tents for shelter and health care
  • Attend to 50,000 cases of Malaria in coordination with the Ministry of Health
  • Provide materials to construct latrines
  • Provide sacks for filling with sand to prevent further damage
More assistance will be needed once a complete assessment has been made.

As we receive more information from the field, we will share it with you. As always, your cooperation and support is highly needed and appreciated. Thank you.