Emergency due to Ubinas Volcano Eruption Process - Office of the Resident Coordinator Situation Report No. 01

Situation Report
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  • The Scientific Technical Committee of Permanent Monitoring Ubinas volcano reported that since April 14 the activity of Ubinas volcano, located in the Moquegua region, near the border with the Arequipa region, increased substantially leaving the volcano system wide open after volcano a main blast..

  • The Scientific Technical Committee of Permanent Monitoring Ubinas Volcano recommended raising the alert level to orange level and recommended an evacuation process in three communities on April 15.

  • The Regional Governments with the support of INDECI promoted immediate evacuation processes for 03 communities from Arequipa and Moquegua region at greater risk to lower risk areas.

528 Evacuated persons

1,040 Persons affected by ash emissions and toxic gases

5,113 Persons located in volcano influence area (This number could increase significantly if the ashes affect Arequipa city)

91,188 Animals affected

908 Hectares of pasture and crops affected

Situation Overview

In the south and east area of the volcano Ubinas there are about 30 communities and localities exposed to the influence of the volcano where about 4,000 people live in Moquegua region. In the north and northeast area there are 10 exposed communities, inhabited by about 1,000 people in San Juan district Tarucani Arequipa Province, Arequipa Region. All these communities are mainly engaged in agricultural activities, with emphasis on raising alpacas and llamas in San Juan de Tarucani.