WFP Paraguay Country Brief, March 2017



WFP has started the distribution of the caloric supplement in the Paraguayan Chaco jointly with the National Institute for Food and Nutrition (INAN).

Operational Updates

  • WFP has started the distribution of the caloric supplement elaborated jointly with the INAN. 10 MT have already been distributed, in the capitals of the districts of the sanitary regions of the departments of Caaguazu, Presidente Hayes, and Boquerón, where undernourished children under 5 years of age and pregnant mothers who benefit from the Integral Nutritional Food Programme (PANI) will receive the supplement along with fortified milk from the Government.

  • To strengthen the distribution of items under the PANI programme, WFP has led the signing of inter-institutional agreements among local institutions, to provide logistic support to the programme in case of need, as well as for the regular implementation of the initiative.

  • WFP is leading the implementation of the base line of the SDG Project jointly with the Government and the World Health Organization - Pan-American Health Organization (WHOPAHO) in five municipalities of three departments of the country (Caaguazu, Caazapa and Presidente Hayes). The baseline will be finished by end of April 2017.