Paraguay Tzu Chi carried our flood relief in Asuncion

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In Paraguay, a series of heavy rainfall in May and June 2014 led to flooding of the Paraguay River, affecting over 40,631 families and 50 schools in the capital city of Asuncion. About 20,000 families evacuated to higher grounds and 14,027 families were relocated to shelters. Government provided food to affected cities and districts. About 29,904 households had received the government’s food provision as of June 8. In the next three months, the government is likely to continue with the food provision.

Since the flood was extensive, many residents were forced to leave their homes because snakes and insects are potential dangers that lurk in water. While many people had moved, others chose to stay. Tzu Chi volunteers of Asuncion surveyed the flooded areas, compiled lists of affected families and carried out 5 aid distributions in Santa Cruz, Banado Sur, Limpio, and Jugador, benefiting total 871 families and 16 meal-serving centres .

The areas were affected to different levels of severity. However, many people lost their means of livelihood, so food was important to the victims. Volunteers distributed a bag of 5-kilogram noodles and a blanket to each household. In the cities of Santa Cruz, Limpio and Jugador, 871 families received the goods. Among the list of recipients, many Tzu Chi volunteers themselves were also flood victims. Although they were struck with the disaster, they were still engaged in the relief effort. In Bañado Sur, volunteers distributed goods to 16 meal-serving centres. Each centre was allotted 10 bags of noodles (5kg per bag), a bag of 25-kilogram flour, and a case of 15 litres of oil.

At each distribution event, volunteers bowed respectfully to recipients and explained about the well wishes of the organization. The volunteers also traveled to Banado Tacumbu to survey the needs of the victim and they are expecting to provide assistance in July.

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