Paraguay: Floods - Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) n° MDRPY016

Situation Report
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A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

According to situation report of the Ministry of Emergency of Paraguay on 20 of July, the intense rains in Paraguay, which started in March 2014, have been unusually intense for the season, leading to severe floods in rural communities and urban areas. The effects have continued to be felt with the flooding from the rapidly rising Paraná river and Paraguay river. To date, 40,631 families (203,155 people) from five departments in the country have been affected by the flooding and require humanitarian support.

The most recent rains registered in the upper basin of the Iguazú river have led to the overflowing of its riverbed and the subsequent increase of water levels in the Paraná river. This has led to the increase in the amount of water in the reservoir of the Itaipú and Yacyreta dams, which has required both dams to increase their water flow which in some cases has reached between 22,000 mª/s and 43,000 mª/s. As a consequence, the impact has been extreme for the riverside populations located in Alto Paraná, Misiones and Ñeembucú. Located in the southwest of the country, Ñeembucú has experienced the highest impact due to the increase of water levels of the Paraná river, with the following towns being severely affected by the floods: Paso de Patria, Villabin, Humaitá, Cerrito, Mayor Martinez and General Diaz, as well as Ayolas in the Misiones department.