Paraguay: Drought Emergency appeal n° MDRPY015 - 6-month summary update

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GLIDE n° DR-2013-000128-PRY

Period covered by this operation update: 9 October to 30 April 2014 (initial six months of the operation). This update represents a six-month summary of the operation (cumulative narrative and financial).

Appeal target (current): This emergency appeal seeks 260,743 Swiss francs in cash, kind or services, to support the Paraguayan Red Cross (PRC) to assist some 4,500 beneficiaries that have been affected by drought now.

Appeal coverage: 87% or 227,348 Swiss francs (260,541 US dollars, 187,348 euros). Further contributions to cover the gap in funding are encouraged.

Appeal history:

  • On 9 October 2013 an Emergency appeal was issued seeking 930,108 Swiss francs to support the Paraguayan Red Cross to assist 2,000 families (10,000 beneficiaries) for nine months.

  • On 19 March the appeal was revised to decrease the number of beneficiaries to 4,500, as many of the food security and livelihood needs have been covered by other partners.

  • With the current update a two-month extension has been requested to conclude the repairs of the water catchment system for livelihood activities.

Summary: Around 15,000 families in 246 communities have been strongly affected by drought in the Chaco region of Paraguay since early May 2013. This situation had a direct impact on water collection for human consumption and use in livelihoods. In support to the food security and livelihood activities completed by the government of Paraguay, the National Society has been working to meet the needs of access to water and sanitation of 16 communities, one of them in Mariscal Estigarribia and 15 in Filadelfia municipality, Department of Boquerón.

It is important to note that the implementation expenses were not registered in the financial system as of 30 April.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), on behalf of the Paraguayan Red Cross, would like to expresses its sincere gratitude to all the partners and governments for their generous response to this emergency appeal: American Red Cross, Finnish Red Cross, Japanese Red Cross Society, Red Cross of Monaco, Swiss Red Cross, The Canadian Red Cross Society and the Canadian Government.