Emergency Drought and Forest Fire Relief (Provision of Supplies) to the Republic of Paraguay (report #2)

Japan Disaster Relief (JDR) performance

  • Secretariat of the Japan Disaster Relief Team

The following is a report on the arrival of emergency supplies in the Republic of Paraguay. The supplies were approved for shipment on November 17 (Wed).

1. Arrival of the Supplies in Paraguay

The water tanks and water purifiers arrived in the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion on November 24, and the medical supplies arrived on November 27.

2. Presentation of the Supplies

Prior to the arrival of the supplies, a presentation ceremony was held in the office of the Paraguayan Foreign Minister at 11:00 am, November 23. The ceremony was attended by Ambassador Kubo from the Japanese Embassy in Paraguay from the Japanese side, and Foreign Minister Fernandez, Susana, the wife of President Grau, and a number of other officials from the Paraguayan side. During the ceremony, Ambassador Kubo presented the Foreign Minister with an inventory of the supplies. The ceremony was covered by a large number of media personnel.

3. Expression of Gratitude from the Government of Paraguay

At the ceremony, the Foreign Minister stated, ''With the President's wife now in charge of operations to deal with these unfortunate circumstances, I would like to thank both the Japanese government and the Japanese people for their quick response in providing us with these urgently needed supplies.''

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