Papua New Guinea: Volcanic Activity PNG Disaster Management Team Situation Update No. 7 (as of 17 January 2018)


This update is produced by the PNG Disaster Management Team Secretariat in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It covers the period from 15 January 2018. The next update will be issued on or around 19 January 2018.


Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) Kadovar Island became active on 5 January 2018 with volcanic activity.
The Kadovar population was evacuated to neighbouring Rup Rup island by 6 January with the East Sepik Provincial Government providing water and food relief as well as clothing.

The Provincial Government indicated on 8 January that it was planning to evacuate islanders from Kadovar, Rup Rup and Biem islands to a site on mainland East Sepik within two weeks. The identified location is in Turubu LLG in Wewak District (east of Wewak town).

Current Situation

On 15 January, the Rabaul Volcanological Observatory (RVO) indicated the continued heightened risk on Kadovar island while assessing that Rup Rup and Biem islands did not exhibit any signs of increased volcanic activity at the moment.
The Provincial Governor had indicated that the Government was planning to resettle Kadovar islanders on the mainland for a period of up to three years until volcanic activities had subsided with the assurance that the Government would address the needs of the resettled islanders.
The Provincial Governor identified the availability of surface vessels and fuel continued to pose challenges to the ongoing evacuation efforts.
According to media reports, school attendance of 151 upper primary students from Kadovar island will be impacted by the ongoing resettlement. Local school leaders are working with mainland schools on integrating students into existing schools to ensure continuous access to education.

Response to Date

Since 14 January, the Provincial Government commenced the evacuation of Kadovar islanders from Rup Rup island to mainland East Sepik Province. It was reported on 17 January that approximately 350 Kadovar islanders had been evacuated to Dandan Care Centre in Turubu LLG, with evacuation efforts expected to continue.

It was reported on 17 January that National Capital District Commission donated K100,000 to the ongoing relief efforts while several private sector companies have provided in-kind contributions including a metric ton each of flour, rice and sugar in addition to earlier contributions of a metric ton of rice.


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