Papua New Guinea: First distribution in Enga brings relief for families

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A crowd gathers in front of the distribution area in Landelam. © CC BY-NC-ND / ICRC / James Daniel Waites

The ICRC recently carried out our first ever distribution of relief items in Pilikambi in Papua New Guinea's Enga Province, where communities have been affected by ongoing tribal fighting. While this kind of warfare has always been part of the culture of the PNG Highlands, modern war weapons are increasingly available to fighters, making conflicts far more deadly than ever before.

One of the most serious fights took place last year in Pilikambi. A conflict that pitted the Sakir clan against the Talyul left more than 20 people dead and resulted in the burning of around 500 homes. A third clan, the Andati, were also affected: after the Sakir fled and took shelter with them, their homes were destroyed too.

Last week, with some essential help from our friends in the Papua New Guinea Red Cross Society, we carried out simultaneous distributions of relief items in the villages of Kepelam and Landelam to the three affected clans. Each kit consisted of things needed to help families get back on their feet: kitchen items, shelter kits and tools to rebuild homes. The culmination of more than four months' planning, the distributions saw 527 households receive 757 relief kits.

This gallery gives an insight into the lives of the people affected, and how the distribution unfolded.