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Three huge earthquakes have left thousands in danger

By Simon Nazer

Communities in the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea are reeling from three huge earthquakes that struck within days, triggering massive landslides and wiping out entire villages.

Some 274,000 people need immediate help, including 55,000 children under five who are particularly vulnerable to injuries, hunger and disease.

Children are in a constant state of fear and exhaustion as relentless aftershocks continue to shake their homes and cause more landslides.

Vaccines and supplies to treat malnutrition that have reached health facilities and a UNICEF response team has been deployed to assist.

Recreation kits, school supplies, water containers, water purification tablets, tents and more medicine and replacement equipment for neonatal care is en route but more is needed. Children urgently need to be vaccinated, protected from diarrhoeal diseases, treated for malnutrition and they need safe clean places to be counselled and cared for while parents seek aid relief.

"There's nothing left of whole mountainsides where there used to be villages. There's been a massive outpouring of grief, shock and and fear, on top of the injuries and hunger." Karen Allen, Representative UNICEF Papua New Guinea