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Israeli mobile water purification unit for Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea, suffering from severe draught, will receive the Israeli mobile desalination unit which will provide clean drinking water in remote rural locations, reflecting Israel's commitment to extending aid to friends around the globe.

(Communicated by the MFA Spokesperson)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with G.A.L. Water Technologies Ltd., held a ceremony on 29 February at which a mobile desalination unit developed in Israel was donated to Papua New Guinea, which is suffering from severe drought.

Papua New Guinea was severely affected by El Niño, a tropical phenomenon that disrupts rainfall, and the island's two million residents are suffering from a shortage of water as well as the destruction of crops. The Galmobile has the capability to provide clean drinking water in remote rural locations. It is a self-contained independent and automatic unit which can connect to any water source (rivers, lakes, oceans, brackish water, wells, highly turbidity water) and produce drinking water that meets WHO standards.

In light of the country's distress, and Israel's commitment to aid and cooperate with Papua New Guinea, as well as the excellent personal relations between the two countries' leaders, it was agreed, at Prime Minister Netanyahu's personal request, that the mobile desalination unit be donated to Papua New Guinea.

In addition to humanitarian aid, Israel, via MASHAV (Israel's Agency for Development Cooperation), is providing consultation services to PNG in seed production as well as establishing a professional training system for teens and young adults.

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotoveli spoke at the event held at the Ministry in Jerusalem, stressing Israel's commitment to extending aid to friends such as Papua New Guinea around the globe.

Israel and Papua New Guinea (PNG) have maintained diplomatic relations since 1978, three years after the island country became independent. A cooperation agreement between the two states was signed in 1989. In 2013, Prime Minister Peter O'Neill visited Israel with a delegation of senior officials at the invitation of PM Benjamin Netanyahu. The population in PNG, which is in the main Christian, strongly supports Israel. Israel also enjoys staunch support from the regime in international fora, particularly at the UN.