ECHO CRISIS FLASH No. 1: Papua New Guinea – Drought / Frost



Papua New Guinea (PNG) is experiencing considerable less rainfall this year in comparison with the average situation. In addition areas above an altitude of 2 200 meters suffered twice from a period of frost, which severely damaged crops.

The situation is probably related to the current El Nino system. PNG suffered from similar weather patterns in El Nino years 1972/73 and 1997/98. Based on this experience the Office of the Prime Minister issued a News Release on 24 August, informing that the country should brace for a Severe Drought.

The Government estimates that 1 842 000 people are affected, most of them living in the Highlands. People living in the Highlands are mostly affected by the frost, while people living in the northern part of the country are affected solely by drought.

There has been no request so far for international assistance.