2015-16 El Niño Response Highlands Lessons Learnt Workshop, Summary Report

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Following the response across the PNG Highlands region to the El Niño event in 2015-16, a Lessons Learnt Workshop was held in Goroka on the 9th of May 2017.

The Lessons Learnt Workshop had the following objectives:

  • Provide space for Provincial and sub national government staff and key humanitarian partners in the Eastern Highlands to capture key learning at critical steps of the 2015-16 El Niño emergency response.

  • Generate lessons learnt and recommendations to feed into the National El Niño Early Action Planning Workshop The Lessons Learnt Workshop was successfully completed and delivered the following expected output:

  • List of recommendations to feed into the National El Niño Workshop to improve emergency practices and policies Past experience has highlighted the importance of ensuring the participation of not only Provincial Government staff, but also that of National Government and other key humanitarian stakeholders. Therefore the participants of this Lessons Learnt Workshop included the PDC and other Provincial Government staff involved in decision-making, planning and implementing the response; senior management line ministries at the national level; and representatives from other non-government stakeholders. A list of participants is included in Annex 1.