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Situation Alert N°2: Risk of ‘bottleneck’ of refugees and migrants in transit in Necoclí (Antioquia) as of 22 July 2022



7 JULY 2022

In Panamá, protests related to price increases, unemployment and corruption continue . Road blockages , including the Pan American Highway persist , and the resulting shortages of supplies of goods and fuel are getting worse, particularly in the Darien region in the south of the country, in addition to intermittencies in public services (water, energy, gas).

20/21 JULY 2022

Humanitarian partners in Panama indicate that mixed movements continue to arrive via Darién: despite the opening of a humanitarian corridor, where between 15 and 20 July >6.900 people have been evacuated by bus from two Migration Reception Stations ( ERM ) and an indigenous host community to the northern border, as of July 22 ≈1.400 people remained detained at these three points of attention and at two more points near the Pan American Highway (Zapallal and Alto Playon).

The situation of overcrowding is of concern , especially in the Canaán Membrillo host community, with a capacity of 100 people, and current presence of 3,300 (with difficult shelter conditions, food, water and medicine supply). Due to this situation , refugees and migrants have chosen to walk north along the Pan American Highway, despite the risks and delays this implies.

22 JULY 2022

In Necoclí municipality the official transportation companies announced that they would not sell boat tickets on Saturday and Sunday (23 a 24 July) This means that the ‘bottleneck’ or refugees and migrants in the area is imminent. The daily average of departures has increase in the recent da ys: between 18 and 21 July 18, 18,≈780 people are reported leaving through the dock ; considering that these would correspond to approximately half of the movements, potentially between 1,500 and 1,600 people per day could be in a ‘bottleneck’ there and in other localities of Urabá and even other areas of the country.
Even though messages have been delivered to refugees and migrants regarding the conditions in Panama, people have decided to continue their route north