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Colombia - Panama - Costa Rica - Honduras: Population Movement - Information Bulletin No. 5

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Date of disaster: Ongoing since October 2018.
The humanitarian crisis has experienced different peaks of migrant mobilisation during the last week.

Number of people affected: In Colombia: By the 5 of September 2021, about 14,000 migrants were held up in Necoclí. Between 1000 and 100 migrants arrive daily in the municipality. By the end of September, it is expected to have 25 thousand migrants dammed in Necoclí.

In Panama: In the first 7 months of 2021, 45,150 migrants transited, of which 12,073 (26%) represented minors.

Number of people to be assisted:

Colombia: For the initial response, it is expected to assist 8.000 people within the first 3 months of the response in the municipality of Necoclí.

Panama: at least 10,000 migrants4 are expected to cross Darien jungle in the upcoming months and reach Bajo Chiquito Community and Lajas Blancas Migrant Reception.

Costa Rica: In the next three month the expectation is to assist 3,000 migrants in 5 provinces of the country.

Honduras: The National Society has estimated that they will reach 5,000 people by the end of October

Guatemala: The Guatemalan Red Cross has planned to reach 3,500 people by the end of October 2021 by intervening in 6 regions.