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Analysis: response capacity and gaps - Risk of ‘bottleneck’ of refugees and migrants in transit in Necoclí (Antioquia) as of 27 July 2022



During 23 and 24 July (Saturday and Sunday), despite the limited sale of tickets for people in transit by sea transport companies at Necoclí, no large crowds – that would require additional humanitarian response activation by local partners – were reported.

Figures on sea departures by population in transit, reported by local sea transport companies, indicate that the mobility of the weekend was largely transferred to the day before (Friday 22, with 970 people transported) and the day after the weekend (Monday 25, with 1,312 people transported).

As a health update, four COVID-19 positive cases were reported; however, these persons continued their transit to Panama. At the same time, in coordination with the San Sebastian Municipal Hospital, surveillance is being maintained for possible cases of simian pox and other transmissible diseases.