WHO Pakistan Floods Situation Report Issue 2 - 3 September 2022



• Over 1290 lives lost and almost 12500 people injured. Over 33 million affected, including over 6.4 million in dire need of humanitarian aid. Almost 634,000 displaced people living in camps.

• Over 1460 health facilities affected, of which 432 fully damaged and 1,028 partially damaged. Access to health facilities, healthcare workers, and essential medicines and medical supplies is limited.

• Ongoing outbreaks of COVID-19, acute watery diarrhea, typhoid, measles, leishmaniasis, HIV, and polio are at risk of being further exacerbated.

• Increased transmission of malaria remains a threat and many cases are already presenting to clinics in the flood-affected areas.

• Early disease surveillance indicates tens of thousands were identified as patients affected by diarrhea, malaria, acute respiratory infections (ARI), skin and eye infections, typhoid, and others.