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To date the Disaster Emergency Committee member agencies and their partners have helped nearly three million people affected by the Pakistan Floods. The work below gives a good sense of that work but it is not a complete list of all activities.


Action Aid is working in 10 districts distributing food, mattresses, mosquito nets and tarpaulins.

Rescued people and their livestock from flooded areas and providing animal fodder and vaccines.

Supported twelve medical camps providing medicine and care, particularly to women and children.

Given motors for water pumps to help provide drinking water.

Age UK / Help Age International

In partnership with Merlin, distributing mobility aids, hearing aids and personal kits containing food and emergency household items such as flashlights, clothing and bedding.

HelpAge is responding by helping specialist staff for four of Merlin's Emergency Medical teams in Nowshera to specifically treat older patients.

So far, 3,412 older people have been provided with medical services though the Merlin emergency medical teams.

British Red Cross

Red Cross/Red Crescent distributions have reached more than 575,000 people with food and other items including kitchen sets, jerry cans, cooking stoves, hygiene kits, mosquito nets, blankets, plastic sheeting and tarpaulins, and tents.

Thirty three medical health units have been mobilized, treating almost 100,000 people so far.

We are also providing clean water and sanitation to 94,000 people.

Cafod (Caritas)

Survivors have been provided with food, drinking water, plastic sheeting, blankets, cooking utensils, water purification tablets, soap, towels and sanitary cloths.

CAFOD partners are distributing oral rehydration salts for diarrhoea and providing life-saving care through mobile medical camps.

We are also running cash for work schemes to repair water systems, roads and bridges.

CARE International

Care is running mobile and static health camps, as well as health and hygiene awareness raising sessions which have together reached 58,988 people.

Providing emergency shelter and other households items to 9,779 people in the north-west of the country.

Water purification sachets for 11,893 people in the north-west and toilets for 1,821 people living in camps in the south.

Vaccinating 735 livestock which are vital to the economic recovery of their owners.

Christian Aid

Through Church World Service, Christian Aid has provided food, basic shelter and relief items for 14,000 people in the city of Dera Ismail Khan.

Mobile health teams have treated 2,500 flood-affected patients in Mansehra and in Swat, as well as offering health education on water-borne diseases.

Providing food, plastic sheets, kitchen equipment, mosquito nets and hygiene kits across the country, reaching 76,000 people.


Distributed items including flour, oil, sugar, shelter materials, kitchen items, hygiene kits, jerry cans and mosquito nets to approximately 50,000 people.

Repaired or reconstructed hand pumps and water supply systems, delivering safe water to over 130,000 people. Repaired or built temporary latrines.

Mobile health clinics have treated almost 15,000 people.

Islamic Relief

Provided food packs for 74,000 people and water for 45,000 people per day.

Hygiene kits provided for 70,000 people.

26,000 people have been given household items including mattresses, mosquito nets and blankets, while 5,500 have been given tents.


Merlin has so far treated over 181,000 people, including 20,393 cases of acute diarrhoea.

We are running 33 health clinics, and 22 mobile teams supporting people in some of the worst affected areas across Pakistan.

Health experts are providing emergency primary health care, reproductive health services, and monitoring the spread of communicable disease.


Oxfam is trucking chlorinated water; digging and clearing wells; installing water tanks and building tap stands; repairing hand-pumps and water pipes; and distributing water purification sachets.

We are constructing emergency latrines and organising community clean-up campaigns (clearing garbage and solid waste).

Distributing hygiene kits and conducting hygiene promotion sessions.

More than 92,500 individuals are benefiting from cash vouchers to buy essentials or cash for work schemes.

Save the Children

Save the Children has provided help to 500,000 people including medical care, tents or tarpaulins, hygiene items, water purification sachets and food.

We have established 63 child-friendly spaces and are working with communities to address issues which threaten children's well-being.


Through partner agency SSEWA-Pak, who have distributed kitchen sets, health and hygiene kits, food packs and plastic sheeting, in camps across the worst affected areas of Pakistan.

World Vision

World Vision is running four health clinics, and three mobile health clinics, which are providing basic emergency treatment for thousands of people.

We have provided food and emergency items provided to more than 53,000 people across Pakistan and tents for 5,600 people in Sindh Province.