Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin - Disease early warning system and response in Pakistan, Volume 3, Issue 3



Epidemiological week no. 3 (15 to 21 January, 2012)

• In week 3, 2012, total 75 districts including 1 agency provided surveillance data to the DEWS on weekly basis from around 1,554 health facilities. Data from mobile teams is reported through sponsoring BHU or RHC.

• A total of 500,490 consultations were reported through DEWS of which 25% were acute respiratory infections (ARI); 5% were Skin disease; 6% were acute diarrhoea; and 4% were suspected malaria.

• A total of 141 alerts with 8 outbreaks were reported: Altogether 69 alerts for Measles; 20 for Leishmaniasis; 17 for Neonatal tetanus; 10 for Pertussis; 9 for AWD; 4 for Acute Jaundice Syndrome; 2 each for Bloody diarrhoea and DHF; while 8 for others communicable diseases.

• In week 3, 2012, two new type‐1 polio cases, one each from Balochistan (Quetta district) and Sindh (Mirpur Khas district). As of 23rd January, the total number of polio cases in 2012 is three; from two infected districts.