Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin - Disease early warning system and response in Pakistan, Volume 4, Issue 5

from Government of Pakistan, World Health Organization
Published on 06 Feb 2013 View Original


  • Measles: 112 alerts investigated this week, responding and moni‐ toring to 17 outbreaks. 712 mea‐ sles cases in 58 districts and 25 deaths reported from 14 districts this week. Vitamin‐A drops pro‐ vided to cases and district health teams took action to improve vac‐ cination in affected areas.

  • 82 districts and 2407 health facili‐ ties have reported to DEWS this week 5, compared with 80 districts with 2406 health facilities shared weekly data in week 4, 2013 to the Disease Early Warning System (DEWS).

  • 836,730 patients’ consultations were reported in week 5, 2013 compared to 754,642 consulta‐ tions reported in week 4, 2013.

  • Altogether 152 alerts were investi‐ gated and response were provided to 21 outbreaks.