Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin - Disease early warning system and response in Pakistan, Volume 3, Issue 51

from Government of Pakistan, World Health Organization
Published on 26 Dec 2012 View Original


Epidemiological week no. 51 (16 to 22 Dec 2012)

• Measles: 162 alerts investigated this week, responding to 48 outbreaks involving 695 measles cases. Vitamin A was provided to cases and EDOs‐H took action to improve vaccination in affected areas (Page 8)

• AWD: 1 alert investigated this week, involving 5 cases. Alerts/Outbreaks were responded timely and appropriate measures were taken on case management and infection control (Page 8)

• 85 districts have reported to DEWS in week 51, 2012. 2,431 health facilities have shared weekly data to the Disease Early Warning System (DEWS) in this week

• 841,982 patients’ consultations were reported in week 51 compared to 822,939 consultations reported in week 50, 2012.

• Altogether 231 alerts were investigated and response were provided to 51 outbreaks.