Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin - Disease early warning system and response in Pakistan, Volume 5, Issue 19, Wednesday 14 May 2014

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Epidemiological week no. 19 (4 to 10 May 2014)

  • Dengue fever: During this week, no Dengue fever lab confirmed case have been reported from any province.

  • In this week, 74 out of 87 districts and 2,428 out of 2,700 health facilities have reported to Disease Early Warning System (DEWS), compared to 73 districts with 2,386 health facilities shared weekly data in week 18, 2014 to the DEWS.

  • Total 920,900 patients consultations re‐ ported in week 19, 2014 as compared to 771,967 consultations in week 18, 2014.

  • In this week, a total of 34 alerts generated and timely responded. Altogether 21 alerts were for Measles; 3 for Leishmaniasis; 2 for CCHF; while 1 each for Acute Watery diar‐ rhoea, Acute diarrhoea, Diphtheria, NNT, SARI, Tetanus, Typhoid fever and Scabies.

  • 9 outbreaks were also identified and timely responded.