Visit Report of Flood Affected Area, 22 August 2012

from Government of Pakistan
Published on 23 Aug 2012 View Original


Heavy rain and subsequent flood in local nullah affected the Azakhel area of the district Nowshehrwa on 22-08-2012. Today on 23-08-2012 the undersign along with staff members of PEOC visited the affected area.

It was found that there is a seasonal stream in Azakhel Payan locally called Char khwar where population is located on both sides of the stream. Due to heavy rain on 22-08-2012 population alongside the stream was affected. It was observed that residents of the area has extended their boundary walls to that khwar resultantly flood water entered into the nearby houses and cause damages. Two persons were drowned in the water and their dead bodies have been recovered. Furthermore, 150 houses, 15/20 shops and a masjid situated on the bank of Azakhel Payan Khwar were also affected. The flood water has receded leaving silt in the houses.

Cooked food is being provided to the affected families, whereas food items are also being distributed. The affected areas have been notified and PDMA has directed the districts administration to make arrangements for the desilting so as to enable the people to return to normal life. Tents have been dispatched to the affected area however, plastic sheets are being provided instead of tents as the people are in need for substitute of boundary walls.
Report is submitted for information please.

Deputy Director (Relief)

Director (Relief)