Urgent Appeal for Food Relief for 1,000 Monsoon Affected Families

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Title Project: Provision of Food & Non-Food Items to 1000 IDPs of Mirpurkhas and Badin Districts of Sindh Pakistan

Target Families: 1,000 IDPs families of District Mirpurkhas and Badin districts

Direct Beneficiaries: 6,000 households (each family consists 6 to 8 members)

Indirect Beneficiaries: 21000 (others families of the local areas)

Project Duration: 1 month (September – October 2011)


In these days rainy season has covered all over Sindh. People, who were already in the lap of poverty and shortage of water, had made their lands barren. Lower part of Sindh also has various problems in this regard.

All these problems are multiplied because of poor system of LBOD. It is seemed that rain is a real problem, but mistakes and omissions committed by LBOD played key role in the destruction.

Food: The impact of the floods on the most marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society have primarily been the disruption of gainful employment and loss of food commodities due to the inundation. While the prices of the available food commodities in the flood affected areas is out of the purchasing power of the poor people.