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Survey on drivers of migration: Migrants in Europe during COVID-19

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With the increasing importance of Europe as a destination country for Pakistani nationals, the objective of the Survey on Drivers of Migration: Migrants in Europe During COVID-19 (SDM 2) is to present a snapshot of Pakistani migrants (either in transit locations or final destinations) in Europe and their motivations to migrate. The SDM 2 is preceded by the Survey on Drivers of Migration: Potential Migrants in Pakistan (SDM 1), which focused on potential migrants in Pakistan and was conducted in January 2020. Since then, the COVID-19 pandemic has emerged worldwide, affecting migration conditions on a large scale, including severely limiting employment access and incurring mobility restrictions, health concerns and debt repayment issues. In an effort to account for these new challenges, the SDM 2 also focuses on respondents’ immediate needs and vulnerabilities related to the COVID-19 crisis. This report furthermore presents a snapshot of the demographics, migrant support networks and return intentions of Pakistani migrants in Europe.

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