Special Report on Flash Floods in Chitral - PDMA KP (05 Jul 2016)

from Government of Pakistan
Published on 05 Jul 2016 View Original

Torrential Rains resulted in flash floods in the stream located near Pak-Afghan border. The hill torrent washed away a mosque, Pak army check post and near-by houses. Joint search and rescue operation of Pak-Army, Police, Levis and Scouts is under way. Road networks in the Chitral district are operational till last report.

Infrastructure Damages

  • Irrigation channels, standing crops, agricultural lands and electric poles washed away.
  • Road network badly affected.
  • Water supply schemes have been reportedly damaged.
  • 3 Nos Army Check Posts washed away.
  • One Masjid and one Madrassa completely damaged.

Relief Efforts (A) By District Administration

  • Compensation cheques have been distributed among the affectees.
  • District Health Officer along with paramedical staff have visited the area and provided medical treatments and medicines to the affected population.
  • Food and non-food items have been distributed among the affectees.
  • C&W Department has immediately restored the roads for light traffics.
  • Irrigation and PHE departments are engaged in assessing the damages to irrigation channels and water supply schemes respectively.
  • Rescue, relief and search operation is still ongoing by Chitral levies and Pak Army.
  • Two bodies have been recovered, one has been identified as Army personnel and the other is unknown as his head cut off from body.
  • Irrigation Deptt has been given the task to dismantle the artificial damming at Chitral river.

(B) By Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA)-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

  • PDMA-KP has already provided 1200 tents, 6000 quilts to district administration Chitral at the onset of monsoon season- 2016.
  • 500 tents, 100 kitchen sets, 400 plastic mats, 1000 hampers and 1200 blankets have been dispatched for the affected areas from PDMA warehouse.
  • D.C Chitral has been authorized to utilize the relief funds to the tune of Rs.15 million for relief activities (purchase of food items) in the affected areas.
  • General Manager, Utility Corporation Pakistan has been requested to ensure the provision of food items to District Administration, Chitral in the wake of Ursoon valley flash flood incident.