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South Asia (MAA52001) - Annual Report 2011

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This report covers the period 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2011

In brief

Programme outcome The aim of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is to coordinate and support efforts at country and regional level to assist South Asian National Societies to scale up their work to improve the lives of vulnerable people through the provision of preparedness and resilience focused technical services.

Programme(s) summary During the reporting period, the South Asia regional programmes focused on the work towards an integrated programming approach and tackled cross-cutting issues.
The regional disaster management (DM) team continued to focus on supporting the National Societies to improve their community-based disaster risk reduction (CBDRR) programming and support their disaster preparedness capacity building. This included a review and restructure of the team and the working mechanism. The capacities of disaster response teams at the regional, national and branch levels were also improved to effectively respond and function as response networks during emergencies.

With the mapping done of health projects or programmes implemented in the South Asia region, the regional health and care programme focused on assisting National Societies in their endeavour to reduce vulnerability due to poor health by enhancing their capacity to respond to HIV and other public health issues in emergencies and in peace time, through partnership, advocacy and resource development initiatives.

Furthermore, the focus was on the scaling up of community-based health and first aid (CBHFA) activities and rolling out the global CBHFA in action across the region.

Country specific tailor-made organizational development (OD) support and assistance was provided to National Societies in the region for strategic planning processes, strengthening branch capacity for resource mobilization, income generation potentials and various OD issues.
Apart from the newly formed and recognized Maldivian Red Crescent (MRC), the Afghanistan Red Crescent Society (ARCS), Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS), Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) and Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS) completed and published their strategic plans during the reporting period. While the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) is in process of finalizing their revised strategic plan, and the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) will plan to review and start the process of their new strategic plan in 2012.

These strategic plans are used as basis for programming and implementation in all National Societies of the South Asia region.

The first South Asia online OD forum was also organized in December 2011 with hosting support from Asia Pacific Zone.

The South Asia regional delegation (SARD) integrated the regional programmes teams like DM, health and OD into one unit called the Preparedness and Resilience Unit (PRU) during the last quarter of 2011. It was a continuous effort for the ‘integrated programme approach’ initiatives of the region and to disseminate and build a regional understanding and promote a coordinated approach to the Movement’s aims. The PRU will facilitate better integrated working mechanism and will provide even stronger technical support to the National Societies and country offices in the South Asia region.

Financial situation

The total 2011 budget was CHF 1,298,327. Coverage is 227 per cent while expenditure from January to December 2011 is 95 per cent of the total 2011 budget.