Situation Report #2 Pakistan Floods 2015, 24th October 2015

Situation Report
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Highlights of the report:

  • 12, 500 flood affected people benefited through program initiatives - health, protection, NFIs, and food security - led by Human Relief Foundation Pakistan and its partners.

  • As per the latest figures from NDMA, 238 people have died, 232 have been injured, 10,716 houses have been damaged, 1.57 million people have been affected and 4,111 villages have been affected.

  • Details of the comprehensive needs assessment done by Human Relief Foundation Pakistan in Tehsil Isakhel to assess the damage of 8 worst affected Union Councils of Tehsil Isakhel is shared. In this report, a compact analysis based on figures is shared only, for a detailed comprehensive report, please let us know. Our study is based on 46 villages scattered in the Union Councils mentioned in the report.

  • As per our research, in Tehsil Isakhel alone: 219,028 people have been affected i.e. a total of 21,050 households, 1,944 female-led households, 3 deaths have occurred, 140 have been injured, 121 were hospitalized, 2,036 cases of diarrhea were identified, 397 hand pumps are required, water supply scheme issues were identified at 20 locations, 3,847 families are struggling for food security, 3,941 acres of crops have been lost, 3,890 houses have been damaged partially, 1,544 houses have been damaged completely and the major health issues are: Diarrhea, Malaria, Allergies, Cough, Fever, Skin Issues, Hepatitis, Joint Pain, Nausea, RTI and Eye Diseases.

Fund allocations required to rehabilitate the flood victims shared in the report.