SF/NRSP/WAP: Badin Flood Response 2011: Monsoon Update

Situation Report
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Situation Update:

Devastating rains have wreaked havoc in districts of southern Sindh. More than 100 human deaths have been reported since August 9 th 2011. Moreover, government has confirmed more than five million people are affected in addition enormous loss of crops, animals, household assets, government infrastructures etc have crippled the economic situation and livelihoods of people and region.

Particularly, the situation of Badin district is become more critical when heavy rainfall has caused to be occurred various breaches in LBOD leading almost of Badin district underwater. Majority of people in district are displaced and staying in camps in alleviated areas. More rains are expected in days to come.

Need Analysis:

The public health situation of these flood affectees is becoming very critical leading to enhanced ratio of endemic diseases. Local media is regularly reporting increasing cases of deaths due to diarrhea/gastro.
SF rapid assessment recommends immediate launching of WASH emergency response in order to prevent flood affectees from exposed to the risk of fatal endemic diseases.


With the financial support of WAP, SF in collaboration with NRSP has started WASH emergency response on 26 th August 2008 for the flood affected people of district Badin. The details of progress update as of rd September 2011 are as under:

  • A Rapid Assessment is conducted to explore the WASH needs of flood affectees of Badin and Tharparkar districts.

  • 100 toilets are installed in 16 localities two UCs (Khoski & Khalifo Qasim) for 400 households

  • 1600 soaps are distributed in 16 localities two UCs (Khoski & Khalifo Qasim) for 400 households

  • One hygiene session is delivered in each locality.