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The recent monsoon rains in Sindh have caused severe damage to life and property. In 2012 Monsoon rain has broken previous 100 years records. In Upper Sindh Rainfall recorded as Jacobabad above 400 mm, Shikarpur 380 mm, Sukkur 170 mm, Rohri 158 mm and so on. A large number of people, including women and children, have been displaced who have taken shelter on road side, canal embankments and other nearby government buildings. Some people have lost their lives, thousands have become homeless, livestock died, and standing crops have perished. Communication system in the affected areas has also been severely disturbed resulting in further miseries. Some of the mobile networks are not working or reception is very poor, similarly internet services are also often not available.

Same like the other districts the Shikarpur District has been severely affected. Women, children and aged people need immediate health support. The environment is ideal for mosquitoes and flies which will aggravate the already worsening circumstances of malaria in whole of the country. Poor hygiene, sanitation and unsafe water also contributing to the poor health status of target communities, diseases like Diarrhea, Malaria, scabies, and cholera are becoming common especially in children and women. People do need consultation, medicines. Mobile teams and camps can serve the purpose. Pregnant and lactating women need special attention and nutrition in this regard.

The target union councils proposed for the intervention are located in Taluka Shikarpur of District Shikarpur. The union councils include: (i) Garhi Dakho. With a population of 27,370 people the target union council are spread over a vast rural area. Although there are most pressing needs in terms of WASH, Shelter, Food Security but SDP identifies as the health (PHC) needs of people as one of the priority area for intervention. This has also been reflected in the Multi-Sector Rapid Assessment conducted in District Shikarpur by Support to Deprived People (SDP) during September 2012. There is increasing need for reproductive health PHC related emergency services to women and child health care services for the children of the affected union council. SDP particularly focuses on the women and children as these are the most vulnerable sections particularly after the flood.