SDP Flood Response 2012 Appeal 2013

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The Pakistan facing various problems at the same time, Major Problems also is Natural Disaster, Earth Quick & Flood, from the last three consecutive flood years make in trouble Pakistan and its peoples, flood stops economic growth as well, Sindh contribute larger portion in economic growth through its revenue specially agricultural inputs. Three consecutive flood years destroyed agricultural growth of Sindh and completely destroyed various living places and basic infrastructures, now peoples losses their hope as damages their livelihood as well; people has not recovered from first flood in 2010 next flood hits again in 2011 people was very hopeless and trying to rebuild their lives once again flood hits in 2012, and this time rain broken previous 100 years records and create new history in rainfall, rain-Flood completely destroyed lands, agricultures in thousands of Acers, still peoples are recovering from previous history of flood; but unfortunately in 2013 predication is ongoing to forthcoming monsoon Flood, and Government of Pakistan issued warning for flash flood in various places, but peoples are crying and praying to ALLAH/GOD to stop coming disasters; beside this Government of Pakistan and International NGOs, UN Agencies preparedness for forthcoming flood, and fight with the circumstances as faced these kind of situations before as well; Support To Deprived Peoples – SDP also in front to prepared the plan and ready to work for human as done before as well.