Safer School Project - School districts: Jaffarabad and Naseerabad


Executive Summary

School based Disaster Risk Reductions demonstrations were carried out in all 15 USAID schools (Jaffarabad: 12 and Naseerabad: 03) where participants were trained and sensitized through School Disaster management committees including PTSMCs members, religious leaders, Scout cluster members and youth council members. Along with school safety and safer school plans members were also trained on DRR & Emergency planning and preparedness, first aid and further assistance was also provided in developing separate school safety plan for individual schools, depending upon their locality and needs. Moreover with the help of supplies such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers and DRR related material also helps the beneficiaries to have an interactive and practical demonstrations in order to build their competencies, in case of any emergency, hazard or disaster through prevention, preparedness and mitigation techniques. It is also important to have an effective protection of boys and girls of different schools and communities, and to ensure that the safer learning environment provides better education for everyone, girls in particular. Although safe schools are not entirely safe from potential risks, but those with sufficient and timely resistance and resilience could possibly avoid and minimize the impact of any risk, and further helps to recover from it through skills and training of self-reliance. All children deserve safe and accessible appropriate school buildings — regardless of class, creed, gender or ability. The main purpose of this project was to benefit the masses by:

  • Raising awareness about hazards within schools and communities

  • Building local capacity regarding safer school process

  • Strengthening the culture of safety within and around the schools

  • To increase a sense of community ownership of the schools

  • Ensure community values are incorporated into school designs through sharing of valuable information