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Pakistan Flood Relief – Feeding the Hungry

Sadly, for many in Pakistan the misery and hardship goes on. Six months after the most devastating floods in Pakistan history tens of thousands of families are living in temporary shelters far from their previous homes, surviving on minimum day-labor wages, and struggling to feed their large families. Early in the fall HOPE worldwide Pakistan began the process of working with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) to provide food to some of the thousands of families affected in Khyber Paktunkwah (KPK) Province. Eventually, we won a $200,000 grant to feed 1,550 families for two months. This program was implemented in February and March of 2011 and has just been completed. Each family was so grateful for the assistance even though it is only a temporary solution to their many problems. During the selection process, particular concern was given to the disabled and widows who had been afflicted during the crisis. As a result many families with disabilities were helped, and 482 female-head-of-households were served.