Rapid Need Assessment Flood Emergency - Balochistan and KP (Aug 2022)



Monsoon rains and the subsequent flash-floods and hill-torrents wreaked tremendous devastations in Pakistan. It has impacted the whole fabric of life, involving remarkable human-losses, tremendous damages to HHs’ shelters, destruction to infrastructure, collapse of dams, damages to agriculture, horticulture, livestock, incomes sources, drinking water sources and the HHs’ commodities. It forced the provincial governments to announce flood-emergency and the Govt. of Pakistan to call an appeal for humanitarian assistance.

Islamic Relief Pakistan has a rich history of pioneering the humanitarian services prompted the emergency response in district Quetta and Noshki. To have the informed response and scale of interventions, the Rapid Need Assessment (RNA) was conducted in five districts of Balochistan and three districts of KP. Mix methodology was adopted comprising of the qualitative and quantitative through community based FGDs, KIIs with activists, departments, personnels of NGOs and INGOs, coupled with field-based Physical observations. The daily updates of PDMA-Balochistan, NDMA and PDMA-KP was immensely consulted as main sources of secondary data.

However, it is worth mentioning that the effort is not the one with all the perfect and final representation of the assessed area because of the very smart and slim nature of activity and its stringent timelines. Nonetheless, it is assumed a wonderful and a value added piece of endeavor in the current quest of existing data and information for exploring substantial evidences which may signify the core prevailing issues, challenges, causes and solutions.

Islamic Relief Pakistan (IRP) has profound feelings of reverence and vehement venerations for the utmost support of different Govt. departments, agencies and the respondents of assessed communities. Earnest gratitude is extended to Mr. Sajid Ayub Jadoon (MEAL Manager) for his technical guidance; and the field teams led by Mr. Ihsan Ali (Sr. MEAL office-KP), Mr. Asad Ali (MEAL officer-Quetta) and Miss Sania (MEAL officer-Quetta) for facilitating interviews with women. We feel overwhelmed to the senior management of Islamic Relief for their insightful contribution and technical inputs at all stages of assessment that include Head of Humanitarian (HOH), Head of Programs (HOP) and Area Program Managers of KP and Balochistan.

I am affirmative that this document will be helpful in contributing a distinctive value addition to the existing data and information in the perturbed situation of emergency.

Abdul Hadi Khattak Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist Islamic Relief Pakistan