Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA): Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Daily Situation Report (30 July 2021, Morning)

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DISTRICT: Dera Ismail Khan


On 28-07-2021 night, due to flash flood bridge at tehsil Daraband linked tehsil Parova swept away.

SOURCE: Reporting Officer DI Khan Division



Due to heavy rain from 28th July to 30th July, 2021, the following damages have been reported in the area of Latamber:

  1. Shabeer s/o Gul Nawaz (80 feet B/Wall)

  2. Habib Ullah s/o Sihat Khan (3 Rooms and 80 feet B/Wall)

  3. Ashraf Din s/o Nikam Din (1 Room and 40 feet B/wall)

  4. Maqsood s/o Gul Muhammad (2 Rooms)

  5. Awzair s/o Naveed (30 feet B/Wall)

  6. Gul Noor Shah s/o Muhammad (1 Room)

  7. Abid Ali s/o Ar Ali (40 feet B/Wall)

  8. Majid Rehman s/o Fazal Maaboo (1 Room)

  9. Sakhi Rehman s/o Sardar (2 Room and B/Wall)

  10. Awal Khan s/o Lajmir (1 Room)

  11. Gul Shah Daraz s/o Sabir (1 Mud Room)

  12. Abdul Qadir (1 Room)

  13. Rahim Ullah s/o Mikaeel (1 Room)

  14. Muhammad Nazir s/o Naik Alam (80 feet B/Wall)

  15. Jalil Hussain s/o Sher Bat Khan (60 feet B/Wall)

  16. Muhammad Musadiq Noor s/o Allah Noor (60 feet b/Wall)

  17. Muhammad Shah Taimur s/o Muhammad Sajad (1 Mud Room)

  18. Faiz s/o Amal Khan (20 feet B/Wall)

  19. Zohaib Ullah s/o Sabar Daraz (1 Room)

  20. Gul Nawaz s/o Gul Nazir (80 feet B/Wall)

  21. Zafar Islam s/o Muhammad Farooq (60 feet B/Wall)

  22. Muhammad Rafiq s/o Dil Wali Khan (1 Room)

  23. Nasir ul Haq s/o Islam ul Haq (20 feet B/Wall)

  24. Aziz s/o Rehman (40 feet B/Wall)

  25. Zareen Khan s/o Niaz Mat (1 Room)

  26. Jamia Haqania, Aral Dooradam Killa (1 Room)

  27. Mumtaraz s/o Ikram Ullah (1 Room)

  28. Zahid Ullah s/o Zardad (40 feet B/Wall)

  29. Rabi Ullah s/o Alam Khan (1 Room)

  30. Rehmat Ullah s/o Amir Khan (10 feet B/Wall)

  31. Mst. Mihnaz w/o Zahid Ullah (1 Room and 10 feet B/Wall)

  32. Sadafat Ullah s/o Masoom Shah (1 Room)

  33. Wajid Ullah s/o Faiz Ullah (80 feet B/Wall)

  34. Hidayat Ullah s/o Didar (50 feet B/Wall)

  35. Mujideen s/o Muhsain Din (1 Room)

  36. Daud Khan s/o Lal Shereen (1 Room)

  37. Ghulam Habib s/o Muhammad Saeed (70 feet B/Wall)

  38. Daud Alam s/o Alam Khan (30 feet B/Wall)

  39. Umar Zaman (50 feet B/Wall)

  40. Safer Gul s/o Asad Gul (1 Room)

  41. Atta ur Rehman s/o Gul Khadin (1 Room)

  42. Khalid s/o Muhammad Amir (1 Room)

  43. Abdul Safid s/o Zir Badshah (1 Room)

  44. Muhammad Arshad s/o Taj Muhammad Khan (35 feet B/Wall)

  45. Manoon Ullah s/o Israr Khan (1 Room)

  46. Taj Ali Khan s/o Yaqoob Khan (40 feet B/Wall)

SOURCE: DDMO Office Karak



On 30-07-2021, due to heavy rain, a house collapsed in Khema Chrgurry, Balambat. Resultantly 02 people have been minorly injured. The details of the injured are as follow:

  1. Said Bacha.

  2. Wife of Said Bacha.

SOURCE: Reporting Officer Malakand Division

DISTRICT: Upper-Chitral


On 29-07-2021, a flood occurred in Brep nullah. Resultantly, the following damages reported:

  1. Mr. Zumri Kan S/O Nadir Khan Brep (Fully House)

  2. Afzal Khan S/O Alas Khan Brep (Fully House)

  3. Allah Dad S/O Ghazan Khan Brep (Partially House)

  4. Nowroz Khan S/O Pinin Bagi Brep (Partially House)

  5. Asghar Khan S/O Mir Wali Brep (Partially House)

  6. Khosh Baig S/O Sultan Baig Brep (Partially House)

  7. Rozgar Khan S/O Sultan Baig Brep (Partially House)

SOURCE: Deputy Commissioner Office Upper Chitral