Project Highlights: Pakistan - “Critical support for desert locust prevention and control operations in Pakistan” (OSRO/PAK/002/WFP)

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Objective: To strengthen government capacities in the prevention and control of desert locust in the affected areas of Pakistan.

Key partners: Ministry of National Food Security and Research.
Beneficiaries reached: 1 000 farming households.



• Distributed 2 000 kg of vegetable seeds and 20 tonnes of NPK fertilizer to 1 000 households.

• Provided the Department of Plant Protection of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research with four ultra-low volume sprayers and 30 eLocust3g devices.

• Organized 30 one-day sessions aimed at enhancing the technical capacities of targeted households, including 540 female farmers, in kitchen gardening and locust control operations.


• Improved the food security and nutrition status of farming communities in targeted districts by enabling households to restart their agricultural production and by reducing malnutrition.

• Effectively strengthened and amplified government efforts for the effective elimination of the desert locust infestation in a bid to protect crops and livelihoods of at-risk, poor farming households.

• As a result of improved capacity, facilitated the protection of 30 000 ha of land from locust infestation through the use of the devices distributed to the Ministry.