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Profiling of IDPs living in spontaneous settlements in Bannu (January/February 2016)

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Executive summary

There are currently 2654 families (12.354 individuals: 7.311 male and 5.043 female) living in the spontaneous settlements in Tehsil Bannu. Of this number, 4013 are boys under the age of 12, and 1648 are girls. In addition, out of the 2564 families profiled, 231 were female-headed (9%).

There are 957 Pakistan families living in the spontaneous settlements who recently returned from Afghanistan. These families fled to Afghanistan during the crisis in North Waziristan Agency in June 2014. One family living in the settlements is originally from Afghanistan.

In June 2014, after the start of the Pakistan law enforcement agencies (LEA) operation against armed militants, an estimated 103,000 families were displaced from North Waziristan Agency (NWA). Around 85,000 families fled to Bannu District. The arrival of such a large number of IDPs is having a dramatic impact on this small District. The economy, essential services, infrastructure and resources are all suffering. While many host families displayed kindness and generosity towards the IDPs, tensions between the host and IDP communities in Bannu town are rising due to, among others, LEA searches for non-state actors in rented houses. Together with the arrival of Pakistan families from Afghanistan, this is contributing to the rise of new arrivals in the settlements.