PRCS TDPs Response Operation - Situation Report No.24 Dated 2nd April, 2015

Situation Report
Originally published


PRCS Initial Response

a. PRCS relief operation commenced on 22nd June with initial response as under:-

(1) Cooked rice to approx. 23000 TDPs
(2) Health care to 1,690 TDPs through deployment of 4 x Mobile Health Units
(3) Deployment of 05 Ambulances
(4) Provision of 22,000 liters of clean Drinking Water

b. PRCS case load to assist the TDPs are as under:-
(1) Non Food Items 8,000 families (One time distribution)
(2) Food Items Initially to 10,000 Families (Through WFP for three months) which has been enhanced to 22,000 families from Nov-2014 to March-2015.