Pakistan + 25 more

Polio this week as of 23 September 2020


  • The GPEI would like to congratulate Dr. Tunji Funsho, Rotary’s Nigeria National PolioPlus Committee Chair for being named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in the world. Dr. Funsho’s leadership within Rotary and the GPEI partnership has been instrumental in eradicating wild polio in Nigeria and the African region. Read More

  • The World Health Organization has opened a call for nomination of experts to serve on the who polio eradication advisory panel on sabin-ipv and polio vlp vaccine development. Read more

  • “I started working with the Polio Eradication Programme four years ago and I am happy to say that we have made a lot of progress here. This is my neighbourhood; this is where I grew up and this helps me immensely. People here listen to me, especially the women, and I know most of the children by name,” Read more about Samreen, a polio worker in Pakistan.

Summary of new WPV and cVDPV viruses this week (AFP cases and ES positives):

  • Afghanistan: one WPV1 case, one cVDPV2 case and 20 cVDPV2 positive environmental samples
  • Pakistan: three WPV1 cases, 11 WPV1 positive environmental samples and two cVDPV2 cases
  • Cameroon: one cVDPV2 positive environmental sample
  • Chad: three cVDPV2 cases
  • Guinea: three cVDPV2 cases
  • Nigeria: one cVDPV2 positive environmental sample
  • South Sudan: three cVDPV2 cases